Murmurations, released on 15th May is the latest film and soundtrack by Phil Furneaux (film and soprano sax) and Penny Callow (cello). It was created remotely during lockdown using ideas from the last jam session in March, and mixed by Duncan Thornley, MAP Studios. Phil recorded the footage in September 2018 near Greenhead, Northumbria/ Cumbria border . The music follows the swirling flight of the birds in the twilight sky.

Phil and Penny’s musical collaboration began in 2019 with Old Water New Water, a journey down the river Gelt in Cumbria. This 45-minute film follows the Gelt from its source to the confluence with the River Irving, and the music was created for live performance with Rosh Singh on Tablas and poet Clare Crossman providing spoken word.

Promo  Video for their River Gelt Project: 

The music is a blend of soft jazz with a classical foundation and an indo beat. The three instruments combine in a vibrant and tonally varied sound. The tunes vary in character from repeating trance-like rhythms to in-your-face danceable vibes. There is a nod to John McLoughlin and his Mahavishnu Orchestra but not so manic. Clare’s evocative poems set the river in a context and provide further images. The music, spoken word and film complement each other to give an absorbing sensory experience.

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Next Project 

Even as lockdown continues, the music will go on, and the next project is an adaptation of Schubert, with more images of water, filmed in North Wales, an area of significance to both Phil and Penny.